Who is Involved in the DST Process?

One of the most reassuring aspects of a Deferred Sales Trust is that it provides you with an entire team of legal and tax experts, all of whom are working on your behalf to maximize the many benefits offered by your DST.

Meet the Estate Planning Team

The professionals on DST’s Estate Planning Team are the first people you’ll meet when you decide that a Deferred Sales Trust is the right strategy for you. Composed of an experienced tax attorney, a Registered Investment Advisor and the independent Certified DST Trustee who will manage your trust, we also welcome any other professional you want to be involved, such as one of more of the following:

  • Your personal attorney
  • Your tax CPA
  • Your real estate broker
  • Your financial advisor

Be assured that the DST organization has trained, vetted and approved all three core members of your Estate Planning Team. Having created many DSTs in the past, they know what they’re doing and how to do it.

After meeting with this team to establish the type of sale you’re doing and your investment goals and objectives, the three core members go to work for you, creating a DST that meets your goals and objectives while still adhering to all the rules and regulations the IRS sets forth for qualifying DSTs.

Your Registered Investment Advisor

Your Registered Investment Advisor, in conjunction with your Certified DST Trustee, is the person with whom you discuss your desired investment strategies. He or she likewise evaluates your risk tolerance and helps establish the consequent optimal interest rate on the installment note you will receive in exchange for selling your appreciated asset to the DST.

Your DST Tax Attorney

Your DST tax attorney drafts the DST document, ensuring that it passes muster with both the IRS and the laws applicable to trusts. He or she likewise synchronizes all the people involved in your sale, such as the following:

  • Your buyer(s)
  • Any necessary escrow agents
  • Any necessary title companies
  • Any necessary Qualified Intermediary if you’re using your DST as an alternative to a 1031 exchange
  • The transactional attorneys involved in the sale (if any)

Your Certified DST Trustee

Your Certified DST Trustee is the person with whom you’ll likely have the most contact during the term of your installment note. He or she is the person who manages the trust and makes investments and payouts at your behest. When you choose Reef Point to manage your DST, you can be confident that Greg Reese, our Certified DST Trustee, will do the following for you:

  • Periodically review your DST’s performance with you to make sure your investments and payback amounts are still meeting your needs
  • Organize your annual paperwork and 1099 and K-1 forms so your CPA can file your taxes
  • Meet with you whenever you need or desire to modify the term or structure of your installment note

How to Get Started

Contact Reef Point to begin the DST process. We’ll be happy to discuss your proposed sale, answer any further questions you may have about DSTs and start you in the road to deferring capital gains taxes while meeting your investment goals.