Who are the Deferred Sales Trust Trustees?

If you’re new to the concept of a Deferred Sales Trust, you likely have a lot of questions about what DST is and how it can help you achieve your financial, investment and estate planning goals, such as the following:

  • Capital gains tax deferral
  • Estate liquidity
  • Probate avoidance
  • Maintenance of family wealth
  • Asset protection
  • Provision of retirement income
  • Elimination of risks associated with asset ownership

Before establishing a DST, you’ll also likely want to know who the experts will be that you’ll work with during the lifetime of your DST. One of the most important of these is the Trustee with whom you’ll work closely to determine not only the structure of your DST promissory note’s payment provisions, but also the types of investments he or she will make on your behalf at your direction.

DST Basics

Deferred Sales Trust is a proprietary strategy developed by Todd Campbell, Principal founding attorney of Campbell Law, a CPA, LLM and tax attorney, for investors who face substantial capital gains tax liability when they sell highly appreciated investment assets and properties. A DST allows them to defer this tax liability and at the same time reallocate the sale proceeds in the Deferred Sales Trust to buy whatever types of investments they choose, rather than having to buy the “like kind” assets required by a 1031 exchange.

Recognizing the sophistication of DSTs, and in order to adhere with strict IRS requirements, Mr. Campbell recognized the need for highly experienced, trained and vetted Trustees to manage the DSTs and make the investments on behalf of each client who holds a secured interest in his or her respective trust. He therefore set about finding such experts.

Greg Reese

Here at Reef Point, we’re fortunate to have Greg Reese as our Principal and Managing Member. He is one of only 13 approved independent DST Trustees in the country. He brings a wealth of diversified experience to the role of Trustee.

Beginning as a licensed Realtor in 1979, Mr. Reese specialized in residential and commercial investment properties. He then moved into the financial services and estate planning fields where he provided expert advice in, and management of, securities, alternative investments and insurance-related portfolios. Ultimately in 1998, he founded AmeriEstate Legal Plan, Inc., an affordable legal plan specializing in estate and asset protection. Today, that company and Reef Point operate in six states, have more than 40,000 clients and have helped them amass multi-millions of dollars in assets

Not surprisingly, Todd Campbell sought out Mr. Reese as someone he most definitely wanted as an independent DST Trustee. After a rigorous background check and through vetting, Mr. Reese became a certified DST Trustee. With such a sterling background, you can be sure that he will serve your interests exceedingly well when you choose Reef Point as your DST provider.

Want More Information?

We recognize that your lifestyle, your investment strategy and your future vision for your estate and your family’s security are unique to you and therefore deserve our personalized attention and best efforts. Contact us today for your free DST analysis. You may well discover that a DST is exactly the investment and tax-saving strategy you’ve been looking for.