Press Release: Estate Planning Team Welcomes PIMCO Alumni to their Network of Professionals


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Estate Planning Team Welcomes PIMCO Alumni to their Network of Professionals

California’s Estate Planning Team brings on acclaimed PIMCO cadre to form a first-rate alliance.  This newly minted Advisory Team specializes in investment consulting, asset allocation, and EPT’s members-only DST investment strategy.

Reef Point LLC specializes in Deferred Sales Trusts (“DST”) and works in connection with the Estate Planning Team (“EST”) to secure DST transactions.

Estate Planning Team (“EPT”) has announced it will be welcoming a specially selected team of PIMCO management alumni and current Anfield Capital Management investment professionals to its growing network.

Headquartered in Indian Wells, California, EPT is a membership organization comprised of legal and financial service professionals dedicated to preserving their client’s wealth and protecting their estates. Central to the company’s strategy is wealth transfer, capital gains tax deferral, and asset protection.  EPT members and their respective clients stand to benefit from the experience provided by the EPT Asset Allocation Advisory Team.

Robert Binkele, CEO of the Estate Planning Team, commented, “The formation of this extraordinary team of professionals will provide EPT members and their respective client’s with access to world class asset allocation optimization not once , but on a continuing basis,  to monitor their portfolio and appropriately respond to changing market conditions.”

David Young, CFA, former Executive VP at PIMCO, who will be joining EPT as Chief Investment Officer and Team Leader of Binkele’s new Asset Allocation Advisory Team has stated, “I have worked with many of the best Investment Advisory firms in the business, but EPT’s unique approach to creating tax advantaged investment structures allows my team and me to invest in the same way we do for large endowments, sovereign wealth, and pension funds.”

EPT’s Asset Allocation Advisory Team will review any proposed or existing asset allocation at no additional cost to clients to discuss whether their investments are best positioned for their risk tolerance, timelines for retirement, financial objectives, and how best to weather the challenges of this current financial climate.  EPT is particularly excited to expand their Deferred Sales Trust™ (“DST”) offering to a wider audience, now with the added insight and overview of the Asset Allocation Advisory Team. The proprietary DST investment vehicle is an alternative to a 1031 Exchange, and it aims is to assist participating clients in reducing capital gains tax liability, or enabling them to sell their property and gain capital gain tax deferral along with diversification and liquidity. Mr. Binkele and his organization refer to this tax platform as a “tax deferred installment note” financing structure with assets that are liquid and that can provide the type of security that every note-holder would want to see as good Collateral.

The trademarked DST investment strategy is available exclusively to enrolled members of the EPT organization, therefore only clients of these members are privy to this service. This sets Robert Binkele’s Estate Planning Team apart as one of the best asset gathering directions for every broker dealer, insurance marketing organization, and RIA’s in the United States.

“Professionals eligible for EPT membership include insurance agents, real estate agents, business brokers, attorneys, CPAs, RIAs, and securities brokers,” explains Mr. Binkele, “So this means that if you’re a member of the Estate Planning Team you automatically gain access to our Asset Allocation Advisory Team with its PIMCO ‘DNA,’ if you will.  It’s a remarkable opportunity for our members to open up a whole new world of investment opportunities for their own clients.”

The new team will be under David Young’s direct leadership, where he will oversee all investment strategy, third party management, and more.  Mr. Young was an essential asset to PIMCO during his tenure there. A certain highlight was his service as head of the firm’s UK-based account management group where he oversaw approximately $70 billion in assets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Robert Binkele’s vision for this new chapter along with David Young’s experience and high standards have expanded the abilities of the EPT investment team and resources for its clients.

Dr. Lee Thomas, a keen financial intellect, will be serving as Chief Global Strategist and is widely considered to be one of the most seasoned investors in the business.  In fact, he has been called the “Bill Gross of Global” for his success as PIMCO’s Head of Global Fixed Income Portfolio Management Team where he oversaw hundreds of billions of dollars under management. Cyrille Conseil, CFA, also served as PIMCO’s Lead Portfolio Manager for institutional scale bank loans and other corporate credit mandates.  In his new EPT position, Head of Credit Analysis, his meticulous perfectionism will serve everyone well.  Ray Cheesman and Peter Van de Zilver, CFA—Estate Planning Team’s Senior Credit Analyst and Senior Risk Manager, respectively—both bring completely different finance backgrounds and skill sets to the table.  Van de Zilver’s lineage in senior level positions in PIMCO’s Portfolio Analytics group well as Cheesman’s investment instincts and acumen look to solidify EPT’s standing in the investment consulting and asset allocation arena. “We couldn’t be more excited to welcome David [Young] and his stellar team to EPT. Our shared values and ‘client-centric’ approach are really a perfect fit,” explains Robert Binkele. “This will manifest itself in extraordinary ways for our new and existing clients.”



Estate Planning Team (EPT) is a membership organization comprised of legal and financial service professionals dedicated to helping preserve their clients’ financial interests.  With over 21 years in business, the company offers a unique combination of expertise in tax law and asset management to help members develop strategies aimed at deferring capital gain tax and growing clients’ portfolios while minimizing risk. EPT provides qualified professionals exclusive access to market their proprietary capital gains tax deferral strategy, the Deferred Sales Trust™, or DST.

Robert Binkele is the Founder, President and CEO of Estate Planning Team. Robert is currently an invited member of the Forbes Finance Counsel and Investment Advisor at DST Wealth Management LLC. With over two decades of experience as a Branch Manager and investment manager, Robert has built a successful company that helps so many professionals succeed in their financial services practice.


Reef Point LLC was founded by Gregory H Reese and is one of only 13 Trustees in the US for Deferred Sales Trusts.  Greg is also the CEO and founder of AmeriEstate Legal Plan which provides easy and affordable Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Elder Law services with its network of provider attorneys.

Greg initially became involved with the Estate Planning Team in early 2016 and later was invited to apply to become a Certified Trustee for the Deferred Sales Trust. Once vetted and approved, Greg and his team have successfully completed millions of dollars in DST transactions. As a Trustee for the Deferred Sales Trust Greg has successfully assisted numerous clients as they sought to exit from businesses, real estate, and even rare collectables. His clients have significantly benefited from deferring taxes on the sale of their appreciated assets.

Learn more about the DST at the DST Digest, a news-based resource geared toward helping financial professionals, who are interested in helping their clients with Estate Planning, Proprietary Capital Gains Tax Deferral Strategies and Tax Planning Strategies.